keeping it simple

Lindyoga is my way of sharing the benefits of yoga and meditation with the world, a way for you to feel more alive and become a better you!
Lindyoga will not only give you the tools for your everyday life, but overtime will also help you to become a stronger person, both physically and mentally. You will develope suppleness and patience, creating moments of calm and peace in your day, and enabling you to walk taller, feeling the beauty in a life full of challenges. 
Lindyoga is open to everyone regardless of age, ability or physical attributes. 

Yoga is so much more than stretching your body, it´s defintely a stretch for the mind too. That´s why Lindyoga combine IPNB and yoga. You can learn how your mind and body works in relation to each other not only for yourself but in relation to other people. IPNB means  Interpersonal Neuro Biology. Yoga and IPNB is a great combination. Let me show you why?
With Lindyoga I hope to show you how you can learn to express yourself more authentically. With a little guidance and practice you will soon discover the amazing things you have inside of you. 
Lindyoga shows you how to connect not only to your inner universe but also to the crazy outside world.

If you want to improve your life and health I can show you in a simple way. 

Life is an adventure, and so is Lindyoga !